The Over/Under, Part 2

Previously on The Over/Under… A rescue project, culled from the Free Stuff ads on Craigslist, launched a rollercoaster ride of pain, hope, turmoil and finally acceptance, as our intrepid protagonist sought out society’s refuse in an attempt to gain a better understanding of himself. Or perhaps it was all a thinly-veiled ploy to covet and … Continue reading The Over/Under, Part 2

Atlantic Media Rack

I am a collector, you see. In the post-WebMD/Dr. Oz/Dr. Phil world we inhabit, it has become all too common for the lay person to scour the internet, frenetically hunting down tenuous threads of commonality in symptoms or behaviors and performing often erroneous feats of self-diagnosis. Armed with a bare minimum of information, we bandy about … Continue reading Atlantic Media Rack