Cat Toilet

Today’s Quickie is brought to you by the letter C. C is for Cat. C is also for Crap. Cat and Crap are the reason for this post. One of the ineffable joys of tending indoor cats is the constant stream of waste they seem to produce from such a small amount of source material. … Continue reading Cat Toilet

The Over/Under, Part 4

Previously, on The Over/Under… The team pulled together and surmounted all of the obstacles presented by the project and could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sprinting towards it, they began to wonder if it was daylight, or the headlight of an oncoming train… And now, the climactic conclusion to The … Continue reading The Over/Under, Part 4

Atlantic Media Rack

I am a collector, you see. In the post-WebMD/Dr. Oz/Dr. Phil world we inhabit, it has become all too common for the lay person to scour the internet, frenetically hunting down tenuous threads of commonality in symptoms or behaviors and performing often erroneous feats of self-diagnosis. Armed with a bare minimum of information, we bandy about … Continue reading Atlantic Media Rack