Back-Alley Hooker

The essence of survival is remaining undaunted in the face of adversity. As the saying goes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, or chicken piccata, if you prefer (and I do). Sometimes a little bit of good luck can balance out the bad luck and help make that adversity much less daunting. Such was … Continue reading Back-Alley Hooker

Memory Lane, Part 3

Despite the ardent wishes of nearly all its population, the Pacific Northwest continues to nurture a fickle spring, characterized by periods of uncharacteristic downpours alternating with periods of gray skies and periods of bright, warm sun. Of all these scenarios, there is a certain amount of irony that the one I dislike most is also … Continue reading Memory Lane, Part 3

Memory Lane, Part 1

Spring is upon us and there’s no recourse. Most people (or rather, most people I know) love spring; viewing it as a time of renewal, when life unfurls from its huddled winter postures and grasps pleadingly at the emerging sun, refreshing rains and warmer temperatures. Flowers bloom and trees bud new leaves, ushering in a … Continue reading Memory Lane, Part 1